Actionable Intelligence

Aurelius Data is the first global big data company using Deep Learning to analyze, predict, and find new cures, market trends, and IP in plant-based medicine markets.

Deep Analysis

Our Data Ecosystem combines patient use and satisfaction responses to create data points which are coupled with the full chemical compound analysis of the administered product.

Solid Data

Through use data, market intelligence, and analysis for manufacturers, dispensaries, and cultivators, we'll advance the research of pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries.

Why Aurelius Data

We are a patient use and perception focused deep learning company. By revealing the negative, and sometimes dangerous side effects, we mitigate risk. We create trust for patients and reveal the formulas that treat conditions reliably, with less harm and fewer side effects.
We go beyond the strain and flip the current data gathering systems upside down. We start with the patient and ask them to anonymously share their current pharmaceutical profile, their plant-based product use, their symptoms and medical conditions.  
From this information, we can build large datasets and intuitive insights that determine which compounds create effective symptom relief. We also observe the negative side effects that plant-based compounds create in conjunction with traditional pharmaceuticals.
Our AI platform will have a baseline of over 4,000 real patient medical cases and can easily determine therapeutic outliers.  From the raw anonymous data that we are constantly gathering via the app, web, and data partnerships, we will discover significant patient treatment patterns, and reveal the compounds responsible. 
The mobile Aura platform feeds information into the data ecosystem through proprietary natural voice inputs, biometric analysis, optical scans of products, dynamic opt-in multi-platform social data, and organic engagement. The interaction of users with the education modules, the community closed forum, and the side effect search function, yields further correlative inputs.
Our subscription ecosystem-as-a-service, is a bi-directional software platform that bridges the mobile patient/consumer engagement application (AURA) with B2B and B2C transaction data, public data, and partner data.
Our advisory board is world class, industry savvy, and plugged into the data and tech industries. In addition, we have an entrée into the regulatory and legal environments and the ability to influence policy through our advisory board.
We have large pools of users through official data sharing partnerships with plant-based advocacy organizations, medical MSOs, syndicated data companies, POS Operators, dispensaries, market research firms, manufacturers, and cultivators.

The platform in development can be scaled into other areas and products that require medical observational research and data such as BigPharma, Doctors, Patients, Clinicians, Retailers, Food and Beverage/CPG industry, Pet RX Industry, Healthcare organizations, political lobbyists. Revenue will also come from 3 other streams; Large dataset sales, White labeling of tailored instances of AURA , and Licensing and sales of IP. (Example of IP is discovery of a new patentable compound combination that creates symptom resolution for restless legs syndrome or post-partum depression, or revelation of new beneficial side effects from common strains.)

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Enter your information below to get access to our deck, learn about us, and start a journey together to go beyond the strain to help us build patient trust .